A Guide to Build Your Home With Us

Building or renovating your custom home (or business/agricultural building) is an exciting and rewarding journey and it doesn’t have to be stressful! We are here to walk beside you and see that you get what you have dream of and worked so hard for. Below are the typical (but customizable) steps of our process. Please note that this is the typical process for a new custom home but many aspects would apply to a home renovation, or business building. Please feel free to phone Justin at 403-443-6287 to discuss your project. If we feel that you would be better served elsewhere, we can certainly provide recommendations.

Step 1- First contact

After a first contact whether by phone, text, email or a personal meeting, Owner and Home Designer, Justin Stewart, would plan a no-pressure meeting with you and your spouse to determine if the scope of work, approximate budget, and timeframe would be a good fit, and make sure that we would be able to serve you as well as possible.

Step 2- Design Meeting

If all parties agree that Ridgetech would be a good fit, a design meeting(s) would take place. If the design and blueprints are already decided on skip to step 3. At the first design meeting, dream pictures of both exterior and interior of houses you like would be discussed to gain a feeling of the style, feel, and size of homes you like. A budget range and location of the new home would also be discussed. After the 1st design meeting, Ridgetech’s in-house designer would draw up the first preliminary sketches. We would send preliminary designs to you to insure that we are on the right track with our design. Should you see potential in the preliminaries, and wish to continue, a design fee would be required, and a design contract signed. We will continue to work on, and revise, the design until you are satisfied.

Step 3-Pricing, Preliminary Building Agreement

Pricing of the project. Once we have the plans, we will provide you with a complimentary price range estimate for the project. If you approve, and are interested in proceeding, we will provide you with a guaranteed, precise, itemized quote. To accomplish this, we would require a Preliminary Building Agreement.

This addresses several items:

• You would have to decide on level of service. Ridgetech offers two levels of service depending on your preferences, time frame, and budget. The first and most common option is with most of the work completed by our in-house team. The second option is with Ridgetech Builders Ltd contracting the project and overseeing it but using mostly sub-contractors to complete the work. Every situation is different so we would discuss the advantages to each option, make our recommendation/ proposal, and let you decide how you would like to proceed.

• Contract or cost-plus. Typically, we work on a contract basis. In special cases however, we are willing to complete projects, or portions of projects on a cost-plus basis. We can discuss the merits of each with you and make our recommendations for your project.

• Due to the time and effort required to generate an accurate quote, in some cases, we may have to charge a quoting fee for it. This typically only applies to large jobs. We will analyze this on a case by case basis and only proceed with the quote if you agree to, and are comfortable with any costs we forsee incurring.
• In order to price as accurately as possible, we would want to begin to get an idea on your preferences for various aspects of the home. Options to discuss at this time could include:

o Structural options
o Exterior finish preferences
o Interior finish options, trim levels
o Cabinet and countertop budget level, high end custom vs mid range etc

Once these decisions are agreed on in a written Preliminary Building Agreement we are able to provide you with an accurate quote that we can be confident reflects the costs that will be incurred building your home.

Step 4-Sign Contract

If our pricing meets your approval, we would continue with an actual contract and set an approximate start date.

Step 5-Register Home

We would register your new home with Progressive Home Warranty, and Alberta Municipal affairs. When that is completed, we can begin the permitting process with your Town/Municipality.

Step 6- Begin Construction

Finally the moment you have planned for! Construction of your new home! Construction time varies depending on the size of the home, trim level and weather conditions. More basic homes can take up to 6 months, large homes with more labor intensive finishes can take up to 12-14 months to complete.

Step 7- Get creative with various options!

Throughout the construction process you get the fun of making the home your own! We will involve you as much as you want in the project. We find that no matter how carefully blueprints are drawn, changes come up during construction. Many times, our clients come out to site and request revisions and changes once they can finally see the home for real. We welcome that customization! We love to see you truly embrace the design of the new home! Whether it’s an aesthetic gable on the roof, or choosing the finishing touches, exterior and Interior colors, products and trims, we want you to enjoy the process! On the other hand, if this seems daunting or you don’t have the time, don’t worry, we can guide you and assist you! Remember part of our job is to make the whole building process as stress free and custom as you want! All we ask is that we get a signed change order for changes made to contracted work. This way you know exactly where the budget and project overall is at.

Step 8-Final Touches/cleaning, and sign completion certificate!

With our custom home package comes a final cleaning. Both inside and out. We even spray down the outside of your home to get off all the construction dust. When you move in we want your home pristine!

Have trouble moving your new heavy appliances? Remember we want every process of your new home to be seamless and easy. We will even move and install your new appliances (additional charges may apply). Completion of any final details (punch list items). A walk through with you and signing of your Home Warranty Completion Certificate.

Step 9-Move in!

The day you have dreamed of and worked hard for! Move in!


We are excited to serve Linden, Three Hills, Drumheller, Olds, Didsbury and surrounding area!



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