Our Mission, Passion and Values

Our passion is to work with you to find creative, innovative, energy efficient, and maintenance free ways to make your dreams for your construction project come true in the most enjoyable way possible for you!

To accomplish this, our values are:

Honesty & Integrity – We want to be able to look you in the eye with every invoice, and be above board in all aspects of our work and invoicing.

Flexibility – We will strive, to the best our ability, to work with you on ideas, designs, and suggestions that will improve your project, and increase your satisfaction with the final product. As your project progresses, and you can see the building, you may want to make changes. That is our specialty! We love working with you and your creative ideas. You are the one who owns the building so you tell us what you want and we will do our best to meet your desires.

Knowledge and education – We have a team of knowledgeable professionals, many of whom are journeymen or in the process of earning their journeyman certificate. We strive to always grow and improve our knowledge. Whether its new and improved methods of construction, or improving our relationships with clients, or improving our function as a team, we want to learn! We seek to educate our clients as to their product, design, and sub-contractor options. We encourage our new team members to enroll in the Alberta Apprenticeship and Training Program if they haven’t already. As to our senior team members, most of whom are Journeyman Carpenters or are in the process of becoming Journeyman, we encourage ongoing personal growth and leadership. In 2019 all three of Ridgetech’s eligible apprentices were chosen by Red Deer College to compete in the SKILLS CANADA – Alberta. All three competed well and walked away with medals – Silver – Bronze – and Safety.

Trustworthy – Often we are working right in our clients homes, sometimes within close proximity to their families, children and valuables. Our team of family oriented, chosen professionals are committed to excellent character and trustworthiness.

Communication – As our specialty is custom projects, we realize that the scope of the project may change, products may change, delays may occur due to the weather or supplies therefore good, clear communication is vital. In each step we are committed to transparent, professional and often document communication.

Safety – We want you to be safe and we want our team and subs safe! Our team has a growing safety program in place with an excellent safety record. We continue to work with industry professionals to improve our safety program. Ridgetech is insured with WCB and is in good standing with them.

Excellence – As a team, our goal is to strive for excellence in workmanship- We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship. We are constantly researching best building practices. We simply will not “cut corners”. A building project is a large investment and it does not make sense to build in a cheap, poor-quality manner that will cause you problems in the future.


We are excited to serve Linden, Three Hills, Drumheller, Olds, Didsbury and surrounding area!



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Mail P.O. Box 637
Linden, AB T0M 1J0